Indigo Dreams

I’ve been working on this collection for quite a while now.
It started with this obsession for all things indigo. I stumbled upon the Shibori technique of hand dying fabrics and wanted to create a whole line around this beautiful tradition. You could say I was obsessed. ;-)

I bought a box of Indigo dye and a large bucket. I torn yards of fabric into manageable squares and studied the ways to fold, stitch and bind the fabric. I also added a few of my own as I went along. I mixed the dye and started dipping the fabric into the dye. With they type of dye I purchased, the fabric looks bright green when you remove it from the vat, then oxidizes to a deep indigo.

The process-one
Fabric has been folded, stitched and banded, ready for the dye.

Fabric pieces are soaking in the vat of dye.

Fabric comes from the dye a bright green prior to oxidizing.

In various stages of oxidizing.

After I removed the fabric from the bindings, you can see the oxidation still in progress.

A finished piece.

Then, these fabrics were dried, ironed and scanned. Using Photoshop, I placed them into repeats so they could be used for a wide variety of purposes.

I wanted to create complementary pieces of art for fabrics and show how they could be mixed and matched together. I was so focused on these, I started dreaming about them at night and waking up with new designs.
So I called the collection “Indigo Dreams”

You can find the finished collection under “Collections” on this web site.
Thank you,