"Annoyingly Optimistic"

It’s part of my tagline on Twitter.
Yes, I am annoyingly optimistic. I actually work really hard on it. Not the annoying part, the optimism.

If I can find a way to look at a situation that causes joy, why not choose that point of view?
Maybe it’s the countless Dr. Wayne Dyer books I’ve read and listened to from Audible, but I do believe that when you look at things differently, the things you look at change.

For me, the quickest path to being happy about a situation is gratitude. Once I find the gratitude in a situation, I am almost always able to find something good in the situation.

But I have my moments where, frankly, I just want to complain. I feel I am pulling myself out of that mindset quicker than I used to. I heard somewhere that when something that feels bad happens, sometimes you just have to tell your story over and over until even you are tired of hearing it. At that point, you can move beyond it.

There are times when even the first time I say “it” (what ever the “it” is at the time), I’m already over it. When I complain, I feel I’m giving my power in the situation over to someone or something else. And my complaining only enhances their power. So I’ve been trying to look past the issue to the solution faster than I used to. Sometimes I am more successful than others.

I am admitting that while I haven’t been complaining (much) about a situation, I have allowed it to keep me stuck creatively. I’ve spent many hours working on new collections. And I don’t like any of it and have no plans to show it. So while outwardly, I’m pretty up, inwardly, I’ve been less than optimistic.
But I know it’s not gone. It’s just under the surface and, like the tulip bulbs in the yard, it will come back in time.